Namespace ot::web

Contains classes that extend the networking capabilities of OpenTop with facilities for creating advanced and high-performance HTTP and Web Services client applications. The web namespace permits applications to:- Refer to the HttpClient class for an introduction to the facilities provided by the web namespace.

Class Summary
FormEmulator Abstract 'interface' class that allows an application to fill in and submit a form as if it was sent from a standard Web browser.
HttpClient A class for performing HTTP requests.
HttpClientConnection A class that represents a TCP/IP Socket connection to a HTTP server.
HttpClientConnectionManager A class which creates TCP/IP network connections with HTTP servers and maintains a pool of idle persistent connections ready for re-use.
HttpProtocolVersion Simple class that represents the version number of the HTTP protocol being used on a HTTP conversation.
HttpRequest Class to represent a request to be sent to a HTTP server.
HttpRequestHandler An abstract interface class employed by HttpClient to facilitate the customized processing of HTTP requests..
HttpResponse Class to represent a response to a request sent to a HTTP server.
MultipartFormEmulator Class to construct a form entity encoded according to the multipart/form-data scheme.
URLEncodedFormEmulator Class to construct a form entity using the application/x-www-form-urlencoded encoding. The resultant entity may be used as POST data or as the query string part of a URL.

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